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Sneak Peek / Glass Vial Bottle Necklaces!

Just got these little glass bottle vials, so I’ve been in a bit of a loon lately, frantically filling them with goodies. I can’t wait any longer to turn them into necklaces, but I need to wait for the glue to dry. (Whoa is me!) Keep an eye on my Etsy shop so you can be the first to pick!

Sneak peek / Sea-glass pendants!

Sea-glass, sea-glass, sea-glass. It is quickly becoming an obsession. A friend of mine recently went to Italy for her honeymoon, and brought back the most amazing gifts, hand picked sea-glass! Little did she know it would cause me to spend hours in a cold sweat frenzy and create an addiction from which I cannot break away. I have been creating wire wrapped pendants. I only have a few pieces left, and I. NEED. MORE!

As soon as I collect myself, I will be sure to post them for purchase in the Etsy shop.

Ta for now!