Hello crafters, artists, and artisans! If you are anything like me, there are some days where you are hyper creative, and some where you could use a little help. I have created a list of 5 resources I use to help me on those days so that you too can be inspired and get those creative juices flowing!

1) Craftsanity by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, a podcast geared towards artists, entrepreneurs, crafty people, small business owners, and artisans. Once a week she interviews a different guest, each with a story to tell regarding their artistic lifestyles. Listening to to a podcast created by like-minded people makes me feel a little less crazy!

2) Ice Rocket. This is a site geared towards people looking to discover new blogs, rocking an easy to use search function as well as an advanced search option. This is a great tool to use on those less than creative days, but if you are not careful you might end up clicking your day away. Browse ’til your heart’s content, but be warned!

3) Nylon magazine. Oh nylon, I could never get over you! As an avid reader I get carried away in the writing, imagery and creativity. It focuses on art, fashion, film, and music, the perfect combo to get your creative juices flowing. If you are not a reader already I wouldn’t waste another minute, grab a copy.

4) I’m an organizing junkie. Sometimes when I’m in a creative funk it’s because I’m stressed out, and can’t think clearly. This is when my inner organization freak comes out and I. MUST. ORGANIZE. NOW. This blog is perfect for these times, chock full of ideas and cheap easy solutions. Many of the ideas you can exercise using stuff just hanging around your house. Usually, in the midst of organizing my mind starts trailing off into idea land. By the time I am done I am excited to start on the project I have been thinking of.

So take advantage of your funk and de-junk!

5) Pinterest. Search for ideas, color schemes, objects, projects…the possibilities are endless. Create an inspiration board so in the future you can refer back. You can find mine here.

If this doesn’t work you will, at the very least, get a chuckle out of the unavoidable photos of funny cats floating around.

Hope the resources I’ve grown to love are useful for you! Until next time.


Bonus tips (lucky you!):

6) Call up a crafty friend. A quick phone chat about his/her newest crafty adventures can really help get you back into productive mode. If this isn’t enough, have your friend over and create together. When you have someone around to bounce your ideas off of, you would be amazed what you can produce.

7) Listen to music. And I don’t mean listen to it in the background while you do your dishes, I mean really listen. Create an image in your mind drawing from the music, and sketch out your concepts.

8) Get out of the house! Take a walk or run and clear your head. I’d love to say that I myself do the latter of the two, but I’m more of a breath comfortably, the less sweat the better kinda gal. Bring a pad of paper with you in case the scenery moves you.