My bottle cap earrings are finally complete! This is a fun and easy DIY project you can do with just a few supplies.

1) Invite some friends over for some drinks! Collect all of the undented caps and clean ’em off.


2) Cover them in a couple coats of white paint. I like acrylic paint because it is easy to create a matte finish.


3) Grab some different colored paints, and get creative! Mix your colors, add some glitter. It doesn’t need to be perfect, which is half the fun. I also grabbed some fabric paint and cascaded it over some of the bottle caps to create some dimension. If you have any other ideas write it in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


4) Let your new pieces of art dry, then add a water resistant clear coat. I used Krylon’s Triple-Thick Crystal clear glaze, which leaves a glass like, high gloss finish. Let dry. If you are anything like me, this is easier said than done. I ended up throwing a few of mine out, thanks to my over anxious fingers, and the obvious prints they left.


5) Pair up caps that are similar in look.

6) Drill holes as close to the top as you can. I appointed my boyfriend to complete this task. Doesn’t he look pleased?


7) Grab some eyepins, earring wires and a variety of beads. Mix and match!


8) Show off your new creations. Click here to check out more of my final products!