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Photo Update / Serene

Happy new year! Hope everyone’s holidays went well. I took a well needed break and spent some quality time with family and friends, after a few months of continuous craft shows. I feel like a brand new woman! Here are some highlights from the last little while:


Creekside Gardens Christmas showKitchen Decor


Family hangout snapshots

Another family hangout snapshot. (Not as recent, but I found it while digging through my photo’s and thought it was just cute enough to share!)

Update / buoyant

Hello again all!

It has been such a hectic couple of weeks. I moved into a new place and quit my serving job. The last couple weeks have been spent unpacking, purging, organizing, and clearing my mind.

Let’s give you a little background, shall we?

I have been serving for years. It has been my pathway to intellectual discussions, provided a stable source of income, and has served as a platform to be as quirky and outgoing as I please (an alter-ego discovered in between “Hello my name is Celeste, I will be your server this evening” and coffee re-fills.) This was my world. As time went on the novelty wore off, and as Celestial Creations 4U started to grow I found myself daydreaming of a life where my passion was my life’s headliner and not the supporting act. But I knew that leaving was not a decision I could make lightly. It required 3 steps: Planning, saving, and diligence.

All of the steps mentioned above were NOT put into action. On my way back from a trip to a cottage, 1 day before the move, I made the impulsive decision to quit. Which is exactly what I did.

Aside from a couple predictable breakdowns, it’s been pretty fantastic! I’m spending my time doing exactly what I love to do : Creating jewelry. My family, boyfriend, and friends have been more than supportive as I fill up my calendar with local craft shows and fairs. You can find me this Saturday at the Preston Farmers Market, and Sunday at the Richmond Farmers Market. I hope this isn’t just a honeymoon faze.

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Stay tuned.