So. I’m moving…AGAIN. I am relocating to Montreal on Tuesday. I do not speak french (well…un petit peu), but am always up for a challenge. The city has called my name since I was a child, so as you can imagine I am a bundle of excitement and nerves. As long as I can order a cup of coffee without too much confusion, I think I’ll be okay. *Fingers crossed*

I have finished packing, so I think I’ll take advantage of this free time to give you two highlights from the last couple of weeks.

The Ottawa Beach Bash was fantastic! There is nothing like doing what you are passionate about while listening to talented musicians play some tunes. I let my inner hippie out, took off my socks, and chatted with some truly inspiring people.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted the shop owner of Adorit Boutique  in hopes that if requested to have my jewelry in her shop she would not laugh in my face, and to my delight she said yes! I spent yesterday’s afternoon watching as she picked the pieces that she loved the most and trying to look cool.

Make sure to swing by the shop if you find yourself in the Ottawa downtown area. It is truly unique, featuring fair trade handmade items from artisans who design one of a kind pieces. If you have not been there before, it is on 153 York St in the Byward Market.

Talk to y’all soon!


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